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Transmission Modifications

Is your machine jumping out of gear, shifting hard, or just time to tear it down and inspect.

Jumping out of gear is the most common transmission complaint. A common misconception of a bad transmission is that the teeth of the gear fail or break. While this is not completely untrue, the gears actually have "cogs" aka "dogs" on the side of them. When a transmission is shifted from one gear to the next the gears slide on a shaft and the cogs mesh together. Over time and in some cases like the TRX450, over little time, these cogs round off to the point where the shift fork cannot hold them together any more and under power they will push apart from each other. Typically when this happens it will also damage that particular shift fork. In most cases a simple replacement of the parts will be the solution to your problems. If you race or are just hard on your equipment there are other precautions that you can take to get more life out of your transmission. One Example is Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF) which can be done right here at SWP.

If you own a 2006 and up TRX450 or some years on the CRF 450 you probably know that they are prone to wearing out 3rd gear prematurely. Here at SWP we have the solution, there are a few steps that need to be taken, in a specific order with our ISF being the last part of the service. No need to spend $1800+ on a billet transmission, we can fix you up for about $500 plus parts and guarantee a much better life expectancy out of your transmission.