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Cylinder Re-Plating & Boring

Slick Willy Powersports has the resources to get your cylinder back into top working condition. Cast Iron sleeves are becoming a thing of the past but there is still many engine out there that utilize cast bores. We can re-size them or return them to stock with a new sleeve.

You will find that most performance applications will have a plated cylinder, manufacturers do this for many reasons. Plated cylinders offer a longer life than the cast due to there extremely hard characteristics. Plated cylinders also offer better heat transfer and less friction. The trouble with plated cylinder is if you have a major damage they cannot just be bored to the next piston size. On the flip side of that if there is a crack or large gouge the cylinder can typically be welded in and replated fairly easily. We have seen 3inch cracks to gouges that you could lay a pencil in, had them welded and came out like it never happened.