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Carb, Throttle Body and Intake Modifications


The carburetor is an integral part of your machine. It controls the airflow entering the engine and also meters the fuel mixing into that airflow. The carburetor's dimensions play a huge roll in how that is achieved and venturi size is very important. We have the knowledge of the dimension that work extremely well and the capability to bore out your carburetor(s).

Throttle Body

Throttle body is an integral part of your machine, while we dont rely on the throttle body to pick up fuel it still plays the part of metering the amount of air entering into your engine. Because the throttle body is not responsible for picking up fuel we have a little more freedom on our dimensions. Though a larger throttle body sometimes may not appear to make any more Horsepower on the dyno it is not uncommon to see it allow the engine to rev faster, in some instances we may recommend to leave your T-Body as it came. Here at SWP we can make throttle plates and bore the throttle bodies to our Specs.