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4-Stroke Porting

Porting is a important part of a well built engine. When you make changes to your...

ISF (Isotropic Super Finishing)

Get a Quieter, More Efficient Engine with ISF

This is a chemical process of smoothing the surface of certain engine components, namely gears, to an Isopropic Finish

Dyno Testing

You can have a well built engine, but if you don't have your Air-Fuel mixture properly adjusted, then you are missing out on all that horsepower.

2-Stroke Porting & Heads

When we build a 2-stroke engine ride ability and spread of power is a huge concern

Crank Rebuilding

Slick Willy Powersports offers several brands of connecting rods and we have the capability to...

Degree Camshaft(s)

Camshaft profiles are very important to a good working engine and...

Transmission Modifications

Is your machine jumping out of gear, shifting hard, or just time to tear it down and inspect.


Clutch's take a lot of abuse, they are the connection point between...

Carb, Throttle Body and Intake Modifications

SWP modifications combined with our Dyno Tuning can achieve higher horsepower in these integral components.

Cylinder Re-Plating & Boring

Slick Willy Powersports has the resources to get your cylinder back into top working condition.