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  • Chris Wanstead #985

    2013 Accomplishments:
    GNCC Round One: 1st Place
    GNCC Round Four: 2nd Place
    GNCC Round Seven: 1st Place

    2012 Accomplishments:
    3rd Overall in Vet A Points
    3 First Place Finishes
    4 Additional Podium Finishes
    11 Top Ten Finishes

  • Nikki Wilson #14

    2013 Accomplishments
    Lucky Thumb 5/19 - First Heat Race Win!

    2012 Accomplishments

    4 podium finishes and 1 win
    Placed 4th overall D14 TT
    Placed 5th overall D14 Half Mile

  • Davison Emery #770

    2012 Accomplishments

    17 podium finishes
    D14 MI state champ-Schoolboy Jr
    D15 Indiana State champ- youth production Mod Quad
    D15 Indiana State championship-2nd 90mod
    D14 MI state championship-3rd 90mod (Raced 5of 9 races due to injury)
    MidEast ATV championship-2nd Youth Production Mod Quad
    MidEast ATV championship-3rd 90mod

  • Cole Dangler

    2013 Accomplishments

    Vestaburg kart Speedway 4/27 - 1st Place, Lapped entire field!
    Vestaburg Kart Speedway 5/4 - 2nd Place
    Vestaburg Kart Speedway 5/19 - 1st Place, Lapped entire field

  • Kevin Bishop #38

    2013 Accomplishments:
    3rd Place - Rumble on the River 450 Quad
    2nd Place - Rumble on the River Open Quad

    1st Place - Owosso Short Track
    2nd Place - Lucky Thumb TT
    1st Place - Bridgeton TT
    3rd Place - Lucky Thumb TT

    5th Place - Ashtabula TT National 40+ Class
    3rd Place - Ashtabula TT National B Unlimited

    2nd Place - Lucky Thumb TT
    Kevin Bishop currently sits in 7th place for ST points and 2nd place for TT points. The chase for a state championship is coming down to the wire!

  • Tanner Vaickus #26

    Age: 17
    Hometown: Channahon, Illinois
    School: Minooka High School, Minooka, Illinois
    Additional Sponsors: Barker Exhaust, Motowoz, DuraBlue, Rath Racing, DWT, KOQ, Troy Lee Design, Hinson and Mom and Dad
    Classes: ATV National Championship Series 450 C, 4-Stroke C, and Production C
    Quad: Honda TRX 450R


  • Teagan Dangler

    2013 Accomplishments

    Vestaburg Kart Speedway 5/4 - 3rd Place

  • Alex Trompen

    2012 accomplishments
    Several podium finishes and wins
    5th place Canada Cup
    Additional Sponsors: Barker Exhaust, Motowoz, Durablue, Rath Racing, DWT, KOQ and Valley MX

  • Mike Steinman #435

    2013 Sponsors:
    Slick Willy Powersports
    Barkers Exhaust

    Looking forward to seeing Mike kick ass in the UTV class in 2013!

    2012 Accomplishments
    6th overall GNCC A-class
    finished 3 races on the podium
    won several holeshots

  • Nathan Reid #68

    2013 Accomplishments:

    Runway Park 5/19 - 4 Hole Shots leading to 4 First place finishes
    Runway Park 6/9 - 2 Hole Shots & 2 First Place Finishes
    Runway Park 6/30 - 4 Hole Shots & 4 First Place Finishes