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Ice Racing 2014 - Escanaba, MI

Team Willy Built finally got their chance this weekend to attend an ice race. After a little riding on a local pond Friday Night, Davis Emery and Jake Wilson loaded up and headed for Escanaba.

This was the first time that Davis Emery has ever rode on the ice, yet he did not let it slow him down. In the sportsman studded class, Davis got an okay start and rounded the first corner in about 7th. After battling all race long, Davis was able to make a few passes and ended the race with a 4th place finish! He performed very well for his first time on ice and we cannot wait to let him try it again!

Jake Wilson raced both the 450 and open class. In the 450 class, Jake got a rough start and crossed the finish line in about 4th after the first lap. He was able to get by one rider and stole the last podium spot for a 3rd place finish. In the open class, all eyes were on the front of the pack. Jake got a great jump and rounded the first lap in second place right behind Dustin Hoffman. Jake tailed Hoffman the whole race, waiting for any mistake that he could capitalize on. Hoffman rode great and was able to hold Jake to a second place finish. Jake would like to thank the Emery's, Bishop's, and all who gave him track side support at this weekends race.

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