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Isotropic Super Finishinig - The Edge That You Need!

With the end of the season nearing its almost time to freshen up your engine and time to start thinking about the isotropic super finishing process. This process is helpful for all racers no matter what skill level. Isotropic Super Finishing is a chemical/mechanical process that smooths the surface of moving parts such as gears, cam shafts, crank shafts, and much more. What can this do for you and your motor? Well once Slick's performs the ISF process, your machine will:

-Shift smoother
-Operate at a lower temperature
-Have an increased life

-Operate more efficiently

This process will give you the edge that you need to beat your closest competitors. This can be done on any size engine for any racer. With Slick's being the only place to offer this service in the area, make sure you act fast. For more information about the ISF process check out our "Services" page.