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Recent News

Winter Engine Rebuilds

The winter is a great time to think about getting your race engine checked out and ready for the spring! Slick Willy Powersports is ready to help you gain that extra power so you can beat your closest competitors. If you are looking for any dyno tuning or engine performance work do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are filling up fast and want to make sure we can help you get your engine ready to race!

Ice Racing 2014 - Escanaba, MI

Team Willy Built finally got their chance this weekend to attend an ice race. After a little riding on a local pond Friday Night, Davis Emery and Jake Wilson loaded up and headed for Escanaba.

Kevin Bishop Helmet Cam - Lucky Thumb TT

Check out Willy Built Rider Kevin Bishop's Helmet Cam from a race earlier this year at the Lucky Thumb TT. Also in the video are Willy Built Riders Jake and Nikki Wilson. Jake pulls a nice hole shot from the outside of the line but you must watch to see who ends up winning the race!

Barker Full Exhaust System for the Can-Am Maverick

The wait is finally over. After months of R&D, testing and tuning, Barker Exhaust is now selling systems for the Can-Am Maverick. The order list is filling up fast so make sure you call today to place your order before everyone else does! Barkers was able to live up to their name of "Proven Horse Power" once again with this system as it has peak gains of 11 HP. Slick Willy Powersports is proud to have been part of the development and testing of this system and we know first hand the improvements it will make to your Maverick.

Houser Racing SALE!

Now through Monday, May 27th receive 20% off all Houser Racing orders! This sale will go by quick so make sure you call SWP today to receive your discount! We can be reached by phone at 989-621-2521 or by email at

Important Update - Hours of Operation

Slick's would like to announce that there will be a change in the hours of operation starting immediately. The new hours are...

Monday - Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Stop by and check us out!

Fuel Testing

93 Pump Fuel vs. Renegade SX4 & SX4+

Today was spent burning High dollar race fuel in hopes of finding the answer, is it really worth it? I started off with my normal warm up and dyno adjustments as I would for any other tuning. While ripping off runs I paid close attention to things such as AFR, responsiveness, and run times. After about 20 runs on the pump fuel I was left believing that I had a good baseline to compare my next runs to. So I drained my fuel tank and started with the next test.

Can-Am Maverick

Slick Willy's had the opportunity to get their hands on one of the first Can-Am Mavericks. One of our great loyal customers ordered it from the factory and had it at our shop the day he picked it up. We teamed up with Barkers Exhaust to prototype a system for the Can-Am Mavericks. Check this out, the black muffler with yellow tag sure does stand out! To get your hands on any type of Barkers Exhaust System contact Slick's today!

Willy Built RAZR - First Ride Video

Check out this video of Mike Steinman and his debut ride on the Willy Built RAZR. Notice how he gets a great jump from the line and is looking for ways to pass in the woods before his fatal crash that ended the day. We can't wait to get him back out on the track to see what he can really do with this machine!